R.I.P 2.0

2015-02-16 10:11:14 by DerFish

So once again I make my annual(?) return to this site to peruse the things Newgrounds animators are up to these days, looking back on old pieces that bring me back to my teens and look over my cringe worthy reviews from 2009-2011 where text emotes like "xD" and "(:" were the order of the day and my reviews were non-sensical and/or limited to observations only as well as unnecessary so much so that in one point in 2009 one of my reviews from my teenage years garnered the scorn of one MisterCreedy (http://puu.sh/fZw3E/b65f787b8e.png).

Anyway, had to title this entry as R.I.P 2.0 seeing as once again I decided to check on this site after a recent death of yet another animator. The last time being Edd "eddsworld" Gould and this time around the creator of the animated Youtube series RWBY, Monty Oum also Naruto is over, if anybody ever saw that coming.


2012-03-28 15:56:19 by DerFish

When I was new to Newgrounds(heh) one of the first animators I liked was Eddsworld.
I started watching his videos since 2007 and then made an account in '09.

Now I didn't know that he'd been battling cancer for a long long time. I've just been watching his animations, I guessed he was just a regular guy who had a great sense of humor and just loved to put it into animation. It makes me sad to learn today that Edd has passed and I feel somewhat sad inside.

Rest in peace, Edd Gould. I hope if there is a heaven, it's your dream.

Oh, wow.

2011-04-22 02:18:28 by DerFish

I haven't been on NG in months. It used to be my way of passing time if I couldn't sleep.
I suppose I've been better off the last few months (my laptop was taken away).
Oh, here's a picture to show a little change for the last 2 posts. :3

Oh, wow.

Back on track.

2010-04-07 14:22:11 by DerFish

Ahh, I know how obsessed I sound over Zee in the previous posts.
It's been a while and well, all that rubbish aside, it's over.
We're great friends again, I've moved on from the drama.

I'm still waiting for a little magic though. :O

Back on track.

Zipped lips.

2010-01-14 12:44:07 by DerFish

Really sucks when you find someone you love so much,
then you both get separated for stupid reasons.

We both loved each other after our first date.
You could probably use the lyrics of BLG's song,
Two is Better than One to describe how things went out.

4 days after getting together she calls me and says,
her sister snitched on her and her mum doesn't want her to date.
It was fine, until she disagreed to keep our relationship secret.
Being stupid me, I argued.

We're just people who pass by and say hi every once in a while now.
From all the hugs and holding hands and lovey-dovey shit you do.

And I don't have the balls to just walk up to her.
Instead I wait for her to speak first.
I bought her a necklace which I now wear,
'cause I can't gather the courage to talk to her.

I'll make my move tomorow.
Hopefully she won't refuse if I ask her to go out.
Wish me luck.


Zipped lips.

Missing pieces.

2009-11-01 08:19:34 by DerFish

I thought you'd hold on.
You said you're too weak.

" Let's talk 'bout it. "
You wouldn't even speak.

It used to be us.
Now there's no one here with me.

Because I thought I could outrun the rain.

- I know, emo shit. :P
, Chris.

Missing pieces.